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Garry Krinsky - Toying with Science Promo Video
Garry Krinsky - Six Simple Machines from Toying with Science
Garry Krinsky - Promo Video

Garry Krinsky: Toying with Science

Program Descriptions

Toying with Science

Toying with Science is a fast-paced, varied and dynamic program. First commissioned by the Museum of Science in Boston, it combines circus skills, mime, original music, and audience involvement in the exploration of the scientific principles of gravity, leverage, fulcrums, and simple machines. Garry and his audience investigate basic scientific information and delve into the imaginations of scientists who have played important roles in the exploration and discovery of concepts that define our world. Bring science to life with motion, music, humor and insight! Toying with Science runs 50 minutes.

  • Curriculum: Basic Science, Simple Machines.
  • Grades K-6

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